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Adolf Brodbeck GmbH + Co. KG
Rebenstrasse 11
72555 Metzingen
Telefon +49 71 23/96 86-0
Fax +49 71 23/96 86-20

In successful operation the world over:
Core and tube cutters from Brodbeck
Whether you need to wind, finish or cut cores or tubes made of paper, cardboard or plastic: you have come to the right address at Brodbeck GmbH. As the technology leader in our field, we have specialized in the manufacture of high-end machines and customized plants for core, tube and film manufacturers, printers and paper producers. Also part of our range: machines for convolute wound tubes used in the textile industry.

Labels / printing

Film / foil




Core cutters
Core cutters
Index cutters
Universal cutters
Multiple knife cutters
Plastic core cutters
Convolute winders
Finishing machines
Paper web grinding machine
Specialist machines
AHT 3-1000
Core Cutter